Shout.Camp by Today's Innovator

At TODAY’S INNOVATOR, we help camps move from where they are to where they need to be. Our approach leverages the best of your camp’s traditions as a foundation, while discovering what changes will produce the most profound effect.

Introducing Shout.Camp

  • Programming Recommendations
  • Strategy, Mission & Values Work
  • Grounds & Operations Assessments
  • Staffing & Hiring Recommendations
  • Parent Experience Design
  • Board & Donor Alignment
  • Workshops & Coaching



40+ years combined camping experience

Aaron is the author of the acclaimed book Today’s Innovator, and an innovation expert with nearly twenty years of experience innovating in complex organizations. Aaron works closely with a variety of nonprofit and public sector organizations to help them innovate.

Dave is an expert in modern educational approaches. He’s held several positions in summer camping and academia, including six years as an instructional designer for the State University of New York. 


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