Welcome, Today's Innovator!

Today’s Innovator was published in early 2019. Recognizing that the training and coaching options available to those who face complex problems are neither affordable nor effective for today’s innovators, we formed a company by the same name.

From day one at Today’s Innovator we have focused on helping people who must innovate and drive change, regardless of their position within an organization. What we do is bigger than ideation. It’s bigger than creativity. It's bigger than projects and processes. We meet people and teams where they are on their innovation journeys. We take them to their next level.

Aaron Proietti, Founder/Author

Aaron is the author of the book Today’s Innovator. He is an innovation expert with nearly twenty years of experience leading innovation in fast-paced, complex organizations. He is a sought after speaker, facilitator, coach, and strategist. He frequently speaks on topics related to driving change, innovation best practices, and technology trends. Aaron currently sits on several nonprofit boards and works closely with summer camps under the brand Shout.Camp. Aaron has served as Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Customer Advocate at Transamerica, a multi-national financial services company.

Mandy Webber, Thought Partner

After building successful innovation training programs for a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit, and several small businesses, Mandy left corporate America to be an entrepreneur and homeschooling mom. She and her family are creating a small-scale farm with a big vision: Connecting Mother Nature, food, and community through hands-on learning and a diverse offering of quality, farm-fresh goods. With a background in marketing, innovation, and facilitation, Mandy has a love for learning and passion for helping others. Mandy holds Innovation, Agile, and Facilitation certifications.