Your Facilitation GUIDE ™ Workbook

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Invest in Your Facilitation GUIDE ™ to reap the reward of more productive and engaging meetings indefinitely. What you'll get:

  • Comprehensive Toolkit: Access a 5-step GUIDE ™ process providing a roadmap for mastering facilitation.
  • Essential resources included: A Facilitation Guide Checklist, and a dynamic Meeting Kick-off Kit. Free download link to our Facilitation GUIDE ™ Template for your own use.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain over a decade's worth of distilled facilitation wisdom for dynamic, engaging, and productive meetings.

Unlock the power of effective facilitation with Your Facilitation GUIDE ™ now and lead meetings with confidence, creativity, and impact! 

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Today’s Innovator Book

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The core premise of Today's Innovator is that strategy, culture, systems, and the innovators themselves must be thoughtfully designed and continually reimagined. This creates a setting where innovation doesn't just happen but thrives systematically, ensuring it delivers precisely what is needed. By embedding innovation into the organization's very fabric, you pave the way for genuine, lasting change.

Drawing on Aaron Proietti’s extensive experience as an innovation leader, Today’s Innovator is a guide to unlocking the innovation potential of anyone expected to make high-impact decisions around innovation. Its aim is to develop leaders who can design and implement a sustainable innovation competency to promote their organizations to new heights of innovation maturity. 

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